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EXPOSURE: TradeUP has been VERY busy over the last 18 months!! These are some of the media outlets that we have been featured through articles and interviews!
Recognise any?


We will be updating this page soon!

We’ve been so busy this year with many events & media coverage. Hoping to update this section soon so you can see what we’ve been up to. Please visit this page again soon!


Programmed magazine - Oct 2014

Article about TradeUP Australia and director Sarah Jayne Flatters promoting diversity in trades.

The Tradie magazine - Oct 2014

Article about Inform coordinator Emma Stevenson.

Australian Apprenticeships - Sept 2014

Article written by director Sarah Jayne Flatters about the formation of TradeUP Australia.

Joondalup Times Central - Sept 2014

Article written in Joondalup Times Central about BPW Equal Pay Day event featuring speech by director Sarah Jayne Flatters.

World Skills Australia - Sept 2014

TradeUP Australia stand at World Skills Australia 2014.

The Australian - Sept 2014

Article written about Inspire coordinator Emma Stevenson.

RTR FM 92.1 live radio interview with Sarah Jayne - August 2014
ApprentiCentre's Newsletter for Employers - August 2014

TradeUP Board Member Emma featured on the front page – “Training Awards open doors”.

Programmed Annual Report - July 2014

TradeUP Director Sarah Jayne featured in Programmed 2014 Annual Report.

Electrical Connection - June 2014

Article written about TradeUP Australia.

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Newsletter Issue 1

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the TradeUP News! We have been flying along since our inception in January so we thought it was time to release a newsletter for you to keep you informed of all the goings on.