Leadership Team


Sarah Jayne Flatters

Sarah Jayne (Saf) founded TradeUP Australia in January 2014 after she completed her electrical apprenticeship. Sarah Jayne works as an Electrician in Perth, WA.

Nicole OKeefe

Nicole O’Keefe

Nicole has had plenty of experience with TradeUP after being Sarah Jayne’s Vice and right hand woman in previous years. Nicole was voted in as Chairperson in August 2014. She holds a position as an electrical apprentice with a well-known resources company.

Celia Antonovsky

Celia Antonovsky
Vice Chairperson

Celia is an HSEQ Superintendent working in oil and gas. Having spent the majority of her career in male dominated fields, Celia is passionate about encouraging other women to take up jobs in these industries. She believes that because people spend more time at work than with their friends and family, they should do a job that they love!


Brodie Wood

Brodie is a Senior Chartered Accountant and is TradeUP’s Board Treasurer.


Jared Schelfhout

Jared is an electrician and owner of Northern Spark Electrical. He volunteers on our Treasurer team and also as a workshop facilitator for our DIY workshops.

John MacFadyen

John MacFadyen
Board Secretary

John is a communications technician and is currently completing his Pre-Apprenticeship in Electrical to assist him in securing a full time apprenticeship for 2016.


Shelley Morton
Team Volunteer

Shelley is an Apprentice Electrician, works on our Mentoring team and is also a Workshop Facilitator for our DIY Workshops for Women.